texSture – A Strategy and Innovation Expert Hub for the Textile & Fashion Industry.

texSture helps fashion and textile businesses:

  • realise cost savings, resp. avoid costs
  • identify and implement best practise
  • identify and get ready for market shifts

through the application of innovation strategy and design thinking,
so as to:

  • define a crystal clear long, mid, short-term vision for their business
  • increase operational effectiveness
  • reduce and manage risk, and
  • increase brand value, reputation.

Our areas of expertise are
- Strategy Work,
- Interfacing with operations, and
- Research.

Our approach is
… collaborative, pragmatic, analytic, results driven, and impact oriented.

We use
… the latest design thinking and facilitation techniques.
… And an extra portion of common sense.

Sector-specific sustainability opportunities and risks play a key role in a company’s long-term success.

- Dow Jones Sustainability Index

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